We manufacture high performance rollers for all types of applications such as conveyors, mining, quarry use ... Bearing, Returns, Shock absorbers, cleaners. Found in the catalog shows our rollers with a potential for much higher performance than conventional rollers. You'll also find technical specifications related to the criteria necessary for the best selection.

TFN Rollers Catalogue (78,42 Kb)

We manufacture windows and gates as BSMA24, 25 standards, and ISO 3903 and 1751, in standard and other dimensions.

See our catalog portholes, windows, portholes, seen clearly and Wipers.

Windows and Portholes Catalogue (49,21 Kb)

Walkways made of marine aluminum fully to Standards ISO7061: 1993. We manufacture in any size requested.

Candlesticks removable nylon wheels or roller, skid plate platform, rails, comes complete.

Walkways Catalogue (44,35 Kb)

We make Royal Marine Scales of aluminum to Standards ISO5488: 1979. We manufacture in any size requested.

escalas_reales_1.pdf (50,11 Kb)

Our latest full catalogue of the company.

Company Catalogue (7,06 Mb)

T: +34 986 232325 / +34 986 213725 F: +34 986 232962 Muelle Reparaciones Bouzas, Parcela 10, 36208, Vigo, Spain